Bowlin Enterprises
Commercial Exteriors - Bowlin Enterprises has been a leader in the field of refurbishing the exteriors of Commercial Properties, we have given facelifts to many shopping malls and office complexes in the Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham region. As a company we are committed to staying ahead of the competitors by ensuring that we have access to and knowledge of the very latest products, technology and techniques that are available to the industry today. Advancements in building materials and applications make it possible for Bowlin Enterprises to achieve much more for it's clients.
External Commercial
Commercial Interiors - First impressions are key to a businesses success, now matter how good your product if clients have to visit your business then you want them to be impressed the moment they walk in the door. Bowlin Enterprises works hard with our clients and other partners to ensure that the very best designs, finishes and overall ambiance is achieve to the satisfaction of all. Whether we are working to the instructions of your Corporate designers, as would be the case in a Franchise Operation, or a local designer and architect our attention to details knows no bounds. As we say "Quality Has No Regrets".
interior Commercial
Residential - Bowlin Enterprises made a conscious decision many years ago that when it came to building in the Residential market would be at a very precise level, we only choose to build custom homes that reflect the quality and finish that is expected at the top end of the housing market. We only build 4 or 5 homes a year and each is a unique design. We work with only the best architects and designers to get the look that the homeowner wants and then provide the very finest tradesmen to ensure a standard of work rarely matched by other custom home builders and never surpassed.