Bowlin Enterprises
Residential Projects
Bowlin Enterprises has a very strict and unique philosophy about their residential construction methods. All structural work is derated beyond normal building codes. The building codes are established as a bare minimum for General Contractors and while most only construct to code, they are only providing the "bare minimum" to their clients. We, at BE, provide a seven year warranty on all work performed by us and do not sell it to an aftermarket warranty company. We handle our own warranties and perform necessary repairs in house. We have an impeccable reputation and provide superior service and construction methods that go far above the production built homes. BE has never built a speculative house and we take great pride in sitting down with clients and providing them with a home or addition that will exceed their needs as well as expectations. Construction methods that combine the solidarity of stick framing with the efficiency of cutting edge energy management has left our customers fully satisfied every time. If you want a "cheap home", we cannot compete with the Builders who provide only the bare minimum, but if you want a home you can enjoy with no problems that is covered by our seven-year warranty and the piece of mind that you have the best, we are here for you.